How to select the best job board sites

Are you confused on how to get people employed to your new work?  There are many benefits in locating website that offers free job posting. Since most of us have internet access in our home today, the worth of advertising Job vacancies online should not be overlooked. An internet based vacancies will attract several possible number of great minds

Characteristics of good job sites

Selecting a good board should not be something difficult to do. Though there are many other similar portal open for operation, those that offer open position are not a widely found. Employers might choose to advertise vacancies without any charges, but site that allows such are full of job ads.

Are you an employer looking for online board to post vacancies? If yes, consider how much people that access it. You should not be wasting your time and energy posting on website that does not attract traffic. You can use some of the online traffic analytical tools to have the idea of how many traffic specific boards receive per day, and then choose the board that attract highest number of traffic.

It would be advisable to check out any other posting that is currently alive. A board with less than Sixty to seventy ads will not attract you to a considerable level of interest that will make you fill the board vacancies form faster. It is advisable to also find a suitable resume database to select eligible candidate directly.

The portal should also provide tools for employers to help them in analyzing suitable recruits. Check whether the details of applicant will be automatically sent to you or you will have to log on to some form of the website to get updated. These tools will give both the recruit and the employer the time and ability to evaluate their qualification for the job before they apply.

It will also be useful if the same Job position is posted in different categories. If you have an opening that requires various field of expertise, so you would like to widen the scope of applicant that applies.

Final note

With the increase in the number of unemployed people searching for job in previous years, using the internet as the medium to attract potential recruit is one of the best way of filling you office latest vacancies. By going for an online board, you can reduce the cut down on Hr cost while the number of possible applicant is increasing.


Frequently asked questions for job advertisement posts


Q # 1-What is the job posting site?

Here is The Answer:

Free job posting sites helps employers to recruit better and improve the brands with a broad suite of services, based on effective online platform and easy-to-use platform. As one of the biggest Singapore job posting site, we are having a lot of portal network components and enormous local affiliated partner career portals. We are offering a platform to hundreds of thousands of job seeking companies in Singapore. Services to employers include paid priority postings, free job postings, database mining, branding microsites, and more. Main purpose of this service is to make brand better and in recruitment.

Q # 2-What sets job posting site apart from crowd?


There are many reasons behind being one of the largest free jobs posting site. Some of them are following:

  • The Employers can choose to post their job ads free of cost on very large and extensive network, effectively multiplying the reach of user.
  • International reach spans are in many bug markets and million jobseekers worldwide. Currently we are having state-of-art solutions to meet the needs.
  • Our marketing technique is truly unique in every manner. It is a free job posting site for employers.
  • Our company is advertising almost through both printed and electronic media like ONLINE, MRT, TV, Taxis, Newspapers, Radio and many more

Q # 3-How do job posting site for employers works?


Singapore Job posting sites take aggressive and proactive approach when it comes to seek the jobseekers. With a total media of huge budget(Millions) garnered on our PR efforts and marketing, we roll out a complete range of promotional activities and advertising together with modern and innovative campaigns through internet. Login, submit, customize and submit are major steps in job postings. SeeMore

Q # 3-How can my job posting company register as an employer?


  • Registration: It is totally free for an employer account. The user is always given option of posting jobs in job site and the network portals, ranging from priority jobs, featured jobs and basic jobs. A comparison table compiled on different postings is available on job sites.
  • Things to note:
    • One company can use only one account for posting free job ads.
    • All companies working as employers must be registered with the Corporate and Accounting regulatory Authority in Singapore (ACRA) with some valid Business registration number.

Q # 4-What are the services that job posting site offers?

Answer:There is a very wide variety of job postings in Singapore to cater for different recruitment needs. It posts job ads for free. To complement the current recruitment, we can be able to propose some package. It is helpful to recruit better for the employers.

  • Recruitment Solutions: It is including many job postings, some database mining, a mobile application and priority job crawlers.
  • Branding Solutions: It includes design and creative work which helps the user to get information about the latest job trends and modern job seekers.
  • Creative and Intelligence Solutions: It includes EDM (Electronic direct mailers) , SMS, Online banners, Microsites, Top listing of jobs, some magazines and e-mags. C



Pros and Cons between ‘Paid Per Ad’ and Commission Based Ad Posting Jobs

Post job ads for free has become an extremely sought after employment option. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, looking for home-based work, and there is nothing simpler than ad posting jobs. However, there are a few differences between commission-based ad posting and paid-per-ad posting, and it’s important to know which works for you. The following are just a few pros and cons of the two.

With Commission You Can Earn an Unlimited Amount of Money

One of the pros of choosing commission based ad posting jobs has to be the fact that you don’t have any limitations on what you can earn. You can choose to post whenever you want to and you never have to fill out reports of what you do either. This can be amazingly simple and straightforward for most and you can earn thousands. If you post only one or two ads then of course you may not earn as most as you would with dozens, but still the earning potential is fantastic. Singapore job posting has become extremely popular and it isn’t hard to see why.

Payment Methods Can Be Restrictive With Commission Based Posting

While there are a lot of good things when you post job ads for free with commission attached, there are a few negatives, with a possible con or two you need to be aware of. First things first, there are thousands of companies you can advertise for, but some are limited to exact areas or regions which might cause you some restriction. You may only be eligible to advertise for one or two companies within your local area which means you’re restricted in what you could earn. Also, this is quite a tough market to work in because it’s very new and you need to educate yourself with affiliate processes. The final and most concerning con associated with commission based posting has to be the payment method. Some companies pay via check which can take forever to arrive or pay through online pay services.

With Paid Per Ad Posting, You Have A Free Reign

Some of the biggest pros to come from paid per ad posting have to be the amount of money you can earn. There aren’t any restrictions in any way because you earn a certain amount for each ad you post online and not have to wait for commissions to flood in. This is great because if you post a hundred ads you earn money for each you post. Also, there are more payment methods such as bank transfer to choose from and the payments can be made at the end of every week. Singapore job posting is extremely popular and paid per ad posting is amazing.

More Work Is Needed

Unfortunately, with paid-per-ad posting, it does require a little more from you. This is certainly a big drawback especially if this is a second-income stream. If you don’t have a lot of free time, you may find attending to the ads to be tiresome. Also, the amount you can earn per month may be limited with some companies; and you of course need to ensure all ads are posted on time otherwise you may not be paid. Post job ads for free can be a great opportunity, but it isn’t without its negatives.

Choose What Is Right for You

It’s extremely hard to choose between paid-per-ad posting jobs and commission-based ad posting jobs because they are both good. However, as with everything in life, they have their good points and bad points. It really comes down to what you feel suits you best and what is going to work for you also. Post job ads for free can be simple, but choose the route which is right for you.

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Learn the Daunting Truth about Finding a Genuine Ad Posting Job

Singapore job posting is extremely popular for millions of people worldwide and it isn’t hard to see why. The promise of being able to work from home and make money by posting simple ads online seem so appealing and it gives many the chance to earn good money. Unfortunately, genuine ad posting jobs aren’t as easy to come by as you would think; and despite the fact there are thousands of companies offering these types of jobs, they aren’t all legit.

There Are Many Scammers Online

There are thousands of post job ads for free online at this very moment and, while many of them are truly legitimate, a good portion of them are not. This is the unfortunate truth about ad posting jobs because while they do exist, finding them is absolutely tough. The Internet is full of scammers and many post ads online stating people from all walks of life can post ads online and make a good living from them. Most people try it out and build their hopes up in this adventure only to find they don’t get paid. It’s a strange scam but one which thousands fall for each and every month. You have to be aware of what scams are out there before taking a step into the job posting ad world.

It’s Hard Work

When it comes to finding a genuine ad posting job it really will be a lot of work simply because you have to get past the scammers to find the legit opportunities. Unfortunately, most seem to get tricked into posting ads for buttons and end up with less than a dollar for hours of work. This is wrong and it’s the sad truth of Singapore job posting. Ad posting jobs are out there but it’s actually finding them which causes most trouble.

You Need To Do Your Homework before Finding a Genuine Job

If you want to post job ads for free today you absolutely have to be prepared for some hard work. You need to research each potential job opportunity before you commit to anything. By researching the company behind the post you can see whether or not it’s a legitimate company and you can see what others think too. If someone has been scammed by this company you will read about it online so conduct an internet search and see what people are saying today. This is the only real way to protect yourself with these ad posting jobs. More explained in this link:

Legitimate Ad Posting Jobs Are Out There

Only a few years ago, ad posting jobs were extremely simple to find, but it slowly became overcrowded with scammers and put a lot of people off from pursuing this type of job. However, if you are able to find a legitimate company that offers a decent earning potential then it might be worth considering. Yes, there is a lot of work involved to actually find a genuine ad posting job, but if this is something you like, it might be worth trying out. Always be cautious about who you work for and ensure they are a legitimate company. Singapore job posting can be profitable as long as the right company is found.


Free Job Sites for Fast Job Recruitment

For millions of jobseekers worldwide they look at free job posting sites to help locate a new employment opportunity. The Internet has really opened the door to a newer and more effective way to search for jobs and everyone is using them. Employers and jobseekers are both using free job sites for fast recruitment and it isn’t hard to understand why. More people use these sites each day which essentially means they get the best coverage for new jobs. The following are a few more reasons why employers and jobseekers look to free job sites for fast recruitment:

You Do Not Have To Pay a Fee to Work

First and foremost, advertising a job position used to be extremely costly. Companies used to have to advertise their jobs in the local newspapers or in the local unemployment office. There were a hundred different ways to advertise a job, but unfortunately it used to cost a lot of money. With free job sites there are no more costs to worry about. Also, potential employees don’t have to pay a fee to find or apply for the role either which is much more appealing! Post job ads for free is amazing for businesses and employees alike.

Free Job Posting Sites Are Easy and Convenient To Use

Looking for a new job can be extremely complicated at the best of times. You not only have to find a suitable job within the sector you’re interested in but you have to ensure you fit what the employer is searching for. It is such a complicated process but free job posting sites make it much easier to find suitable employment without wasting the company’s time or more importantly your time! This is why more people look at the free sites because they don’t venture into anything that doesn’t work out. Also, the websites are extremely simple to use and are available whenever they are needed, offering more convenience to everyone.

Jobs Are Updated Regularly

Free job posting sites are absolutely fantastic for everyone who is looking to hire fast or find quick employment. Since free job sites don’t cost a penny, they are the number one resource for everyone; and new jobs are added on a daily basis. Once a position is filled, the employer removes the old ad so everything is constantly updated. Anyone looking to hire immediately will want to look at free job sites and it’s also the same for those looking for fast employment.

A New Job Is a Day Away

The great thing about using free job sites is that almost every jobseeker and employer is using them. Thousands of jobs are posted each month and filled; there is no better solution for fast job recruitment today. Anyone looking to hire someone or find a new job should consider the free job sites, they are perfect – as long as you use the right website that is. Post job ads for free is extremely popular and you can’t blame why more companies look at this today.

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Classifieds – Advertising Your Home Business For Free

Free job posting sites for employers has become very popular over the past few years. These sites are not only great to help advertise a business that requires a little extra help, but it doesn’t cost a penny. Classifieds are simply some of the best ways to help advertise a business and even though you are advertising for help, you actually advertising your business. This is the perfect way to get the word out about your company and let’s be honest you don’t have to pay anything to advertise, not when you look at the classifieds.

Find Singapore Job Posting Sites to Post Your Ads

The first step to help you use the classifieds to advertise for free would be to search for the perfect site. Now you can choose to post on a dozen sites if you want to or just stick to one; this choice comes down to you and what you think is best for business. However, if you are going to post online on a variety of sites you need to make sure they are all free; this means the sites have to be free to sign use and post ads. Also, the sites you choose should be free for readers. Free job posting sites for employers are the sites you want to stick to so that you don’t have to pay for anything. Find out more informations in this post.

Write the Perfect Ad

When you have found a few sites to advertise your business and its employment opportunities, you now need to write the ad. This isn’t as difficult as you would think but you do need to ensure the ad stands out for all the right reasons. You need a short but snappy ad that contains the relevant information and don’t try to be overly funny. A lot of people try to put some humor into their ads thinking it works but in reality people don’t care. You want to advertise your business for free and to use it effectively the ad needs to be perfect. A good short ad works better than a long-drawn out ad that contains useless pieces of information. Singapore job posting is simple with the right ad.

Post Your Ad

Free job posting sites for employers can easily allow you to upload your ad. Once the ad is ready you can upload and advertise your business for all to see and it’s all free too! This is perfect for thousands of businesses worldwide because it simply offers them a simpler way to advertise their business for free. However, this can be an extremely effective method to advertise today and let’s face it, classified ads draw people in.

Use Classifieds to Your Advantage

A lot of people think classifieds are no longer needed in the digital age, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Classifieds are greatly used by thousands of businesses and that could give you the best chance to advertise your business effectively. There is no better way to advertise a business than to use free classified ads. Singapore job posting is so simple and it will make a big difference to your business.

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